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Thursday, August 30, 2007

content management systems

Simple Web Content Management System

Link :- http://www.allscoop.com/free-php-code.php

Simple Web Content Management System: A free open-source content management application released under the GPL. A complete content managment system, create your very own web site in just minutes. Log into the web-based cms control panel to quickly add, edit, or update your content.

A simple content management system based on PHP and the free and fast MySQL database. Simple to setup and administer. All site settings are easily customized with the administration interface. Runs on an Apache or IIS webserver with PHP and MySQL. Full web based administration. The goal of this system is to have a simple, easy to use, fast website.


online web content management

online web content management is an extremely versatile and flexible content management system. completely template driven so it can be easily customized. designed to be used with small to medium personal or business website. online web content management straight forward content management administration design make this the perfect content management system for just about anyone.


Free MySQL/PHP Content Management News System
web content management
one-click install
easy to customize for your site
free and open source
fast and robust
simple and straight forward design

web content management is a simple to use basic content management system for news type content. web cms code is based on php and the mysql database, so it is very fast and easy to setup. web content management allows you to login and quickly add a new news item with a news date and an expiration date. non-admin users can also be setup to add new news, but the news story has to be activated by an admin user. web content management is meant to be integrated into your existing php enabled website, or can be a simple content management system on it's own. code is released as open source under the gpl.


Free Content Management
Free CMS Solution

free content management application. An easy way to get your information onto the web instantly. 100% web-based content management, features include image and file uploading, online web page editor, and more. Manage your website content with ease, keep your site updated, and cut down on your development time with free content management. Uses PHP and MySQL.

100% Free CMS Software Released Under the GPL


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